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La Bella Figura strives to find beauty in the simplest things. What is simpler than plant botanicals? The power of plants and nature have been used for centuries to heal and beautify. Our goal is to reintroduce natural ingredients to the skincare movement that has become overloaded with toxins and chemicals and in many cases contributing to more damage than illuminating beauty. Our dedication in choosing  the highest quality ingredients from nature takes La Bella Figura around the world and sometimes on new discoveries. We promise to bring you the latest and most effective skincare products from formulations we create based on the best ingredients we source globally. Our commitment to beauty and reinventing a beautiful life is always our inspiration.

The ingredients in our products come from small, often family run farms and cooperatives. We work hard to develop supportive relationships with our producers and in turn we are guarantee the best quality ingredients to share with our customers. We are passionate about our products because every bottle is handcrafted and contains plant actives that are raw, alive, wild, and organic and work to reveal radiant skin.
  • All formulations are designed in-house and are hand blended for product integrity. No base bought recipes.
  • Only the highest grade of cold pressed extra virgin fruit and vegetable oils make the cut into our products.
  • Wild crafted and certified organic active ingredients are sourced for their purest scientific benefits.
  • High concentrations of fair trade, sustainable and non-GMO harvested ingredients are used in our formulas.
  • All products are high performing and gently restore healthy cells to reveal radiant skin.
  • La Bella Figura loves animals and never test on animal friends.
  • La Bella Figura uses recyclable glass packaging to preserve vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. BPA free.
  • Post consumer paper waste is used for outer packaging and lovingly suggested to recycle.
  • La Bella Figura never incorporates harmful synthetic, toxic chemicals, artificial fragrance, or parabens into our formulations. 
  • Each product is hand made in small batches to maintain freshness and keep its pure plant effectiveness whole.
  • Our packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable and compostable made from wheat protein and safe around pets and children





La Bella Figura are proud signors of The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics



La Bella Figura are proponents of the Non-GMO Project                                                                                                                      

La Bella Figura uses wild crafted, certified organic and EcoCert organic ingredients



La Bella Figura uses USDA certified organic ingredients 

    Seed-To-Skin Innovative Beauty

    La Bella Figura is a seed-to-skin beauty line. We design our own formulas after carefully researching the power of the world's most therapeutic natural materials and hand blend our highly effective all natural products. Experience the luxury of pure ingredients and reveal radiant skin.